October 11, 2016 |

Predictive Analytics for Senior Care and Why They Matter to You

Most owners of senior care companies aren’t experts in predictive analytics.  In fact, most of them don’t even really understand what predictive analytics is.  Many business owners aren’t trained to collect, analyze and use huge quantities of data, and in general, they wouldn’t even know where to begin.

But does that mean that predictive analytics is irrelevant to your business?  Absolutely not!

Predictive analytics uses collected data to make predictions about unknown future events.  For you, that means predictions about a senior’s hospitalization risk or about your employees’ burnout risk, just to name a few.  You know that accurate predictions like these can help you in your business, but you’re probably unsure how to make that happen.

Here’s the deal:  You don’t have to be a data analytics expert to put the power of predictive analytics to work for you.  Because SeniorGrowth does it for you.  We are your friendly data engine.  We know what information matters from studying population information and geriatric research.  We know how to compile your data, break it down, build it up, and transform it into information and recommendations that make your company more effective, more efficient, and more profitable.

So what can predictive analytics do for you?

1. Support you and your staff

You employ experienced, professional caregivers who deliver excellent care day-in and day-out.  You’ve worked hard to put together a great team, and you value your staff’s expertise.  But every single person occasionally wonders – especially when a senior’s health is on the line – if they’re making the right decision.  Predictive analytics give you and your staff just that sort of support.  Knowing your decisions are supported by the data you’ve collected makes caregivers more confident and capable.

2. Guide your important decisions

If you know that a decision you’re facing could result in either a senior’s improvement or decline, you want all the information and guidance you can get, right?  Predictive analytics can help by providing suggestions to achieve the best possible outcomes – both in your caregiving decisions and also in your business decisions.  You’re not alone.  SeniorGrowth has your back!

3. Become your business advisor

When it comes down to it, your business comes down to two critical things:  the wellbeing of your seniors and your bottom line.  Both of these factors are inextricably intertwined, and predictive analytics can help you maximize your profitability, which in turn gives you the resources to provide the best care possible.  If you’re cash-strapped, your seniors may suffer.  Likewise, if your seniors aren’t thriving, your revenue will be affected.  Harnessing the power of data analytics helps you make decisions that grow your business.

4. Transform your marketing

The way potential clients interact with your website has an enormous effect on whether they actually choose to become your client.  What if you had a tool that pulls leads in, helps to educate them, and then converts them at a higher rate than you’ve ever seen before?  Well, you do.  Using the power of predictive analytics, SeniorGrowth transforms the journey your new clients take, collecting vital information and providing strategies for personalizing your interaction with prospects.

While you and your caregivers probably have outstanding instincts given your experience working with seniors, you don’t have to rely solely on those instincts.  You have access to powerful tools that will help you make better decisions about the seniors in your care.  You’ll have reassurance that you’re engaging in best practices.  You’ll be able to rely on predictive analytics to guide your caregiving.  You’ll understand the connection between the decisions you make and their impact on your bottom line.  And you’ll be much more effective at finding, educating, and converting new clients.

You’ll be able to harness the power of predictive analytics, and you’ll do it without needing a degree in advanced statistics.  SeniorGrowth does the heavy lifting when it comes to crunching numbers, identifying risk factors, and analyzing data, and you reap the benefits.  SeniorGrowth becomes a part of your team.  It’s like adding another caregiver to back up your staff.  It’s like adding an employee who can predict the future.  It’s like bringing a business advisor and a marketing genius on staff, and it’s all due to predictive analytics.

Previously, tools like predictive analytics had only been available to big companies – the ones who could afford to pay folks to create algorithms to analyze mountains of data.  But companies like SeniorGrowth give even small companies access to these high-powered tools.

Interested in seeing how our Predictive Analytics algorithm can work for you?  Sign up today for free and reserve your spot!