June 21, 2017 |

How Senior Care Providers Can Use Data Analytics to Provide Exceptional Care

Senior care organizations have access to tons of valuable data that can help them achieve the best possible Quality of Life for seniors in their care. Every other industry is using data in new and more powerful ways to understand its clients’ changing needs, and the senior care industry is no different. Providers can do more to improve key health indicators and enable independence for their seniors by harnessing the power of data analytics. If that sounds overwhelming, keep reading. It’s easier than you think—and you already have everything you need.

How data analytics can help

In simple terms—data analytics is knowing what data is available to you, collecting it, and turning it into meaningful and actionable information. Let’s say you make a change to your process for matching caregivers to seniors that you think will do a better job. If you’re frequently collecting data on how happy seniors are with their assigned care team, you can easily create meaningful information on whether the change is helping and how much.

In summary, data analytics help you make smarter decisions and then track actual results to confirm. Let’s continue our example as we talk through three major ways data analytics help you achieve your mission.

1. Spend your time, money, and energy where it counts. We know senior care organizations often have limited resources, so it’s important to maximize the benefits of your efforts. Data-driven decisions make it easier to clearly identify where to put your minimal resources for the biggest impact to your mission.

In our example, gathering data over time helped to pinpoint that senior satisfaction with caregivers was an area for improvement. By collecting and consistently reviewing reliable and meaningful data, you can prioritize needs, measure impact and feel confident that you are spending your resources wisely.

2. Know how well you are achieving your mission, and whether an implemented change is getting you closer or further away.

Measure and track the impact on your seniors to see if your staffing changes are working or if you need to put more effort into improving the situation. If your seniors are happier with their care team and show improvement in key metrics, you know the process change was an improvement. If the results aren’t what you’d hoped for, you have more information to design a new solution.

3. Assure family members and potential clients that seniors in your care are in good hands with clear and informative data.

Imagine meeting a new family considering your care, and being able to show solid data on senior and family member satisfaction, or even examples of recent changes and how they improved your level of care. Seniors and family members will feel safe in an environment that is truly focused on senior wellbeing and continually making changes with that in mind. 

How to get started

The argument for data analytics is straightforward, but how do you get there? You’re not in the business of analyzing data, and resources are often already maxed out in senior care organizations. Too often we try to add something like data analysis to an already overloaded job description, and often the enlisted person doesn’t have the required skillset to be successful.

So why not enlist help from a company who is in the business of analyzing data? Senior Growth is a technology provider dedicated specifically to using data to help senior care organizations like yours better achieve their mission. We have spent time and expertise creating sophisticated algorithms and tools with the goal of making them easy to use, yet powerful. Our platform not only provides data analytics, but it standardizes measurement and tracking—so it makes it easier for your staff to do their jobs, rather than adding another task to their long list.

We’d love for you to try out our platform with a free 14-day trial. Check out how you can:

  • Empower family members to quickly complete evaluations, making it easier and faster to gather frequent data.
  • Use our smart risk analysis tools to assess risk at both the summary and individual levels.
  • Create a personalized set of care recommendations to improve a senior’s quality of life with our new Life Planner.

Like you, we want seniors to have the best possible Quality of Life, the most possible independence, and the best quality of care—our mission is to enable you to achieve yours. Let us help.

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