November 22, 2016 |

CCSCC Partners with SeniorGrowth to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

SAN JOSE, CA – November 22, 2016

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, a leading social services agency serving individuals and families in need for more than 60 years, and SeniorGrowth, Inc., a San Francisco based technology company specializing in the future of senior care, announced a strategic partnership. The partnership will combine SeniorGrowth’s expertise in data intelligence technology, with Catholic Charities’ hands-on experience serving seniors in the community for more than 60 years, to better serve the needs of the silver tsunami—the rapidly growing population of seniors.

During a time when funds supporting senior services are at an all-time low and when the senior population is growing exponentially, the partnership will help both organizations gain valuable insights into the needs and health of seniors.

“SeniorGrowth’s platform has given us insights into individual and group social, nutritional, and health-related risks,” said Tatiana Colón, Division Director of Older Adult Services at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. “The information will allow us to target social and health-related interventions specifically to seniors that need it, yielding the most impact. For example, rather than providing a diabetes workshop and casting a wide net inviting seniors to join, we will now know who has diabetes, and who is at risk, and can extend personal invitations to those most affected by the disease.”

Catholic Charities will implement SeniorGrowth’s data-driven Quality of Life technology platform in its programs that serve the senior population: Day Break Cares Homecare Services, Senior Nutrition programs at John XXIII Multiservice Center in downtown San Jose and Eastside Neighborhood Center in East San Jose, and Adult Day Care centers in San Jose and Sunnyvale.

“We believe that this technology will not only help us improve our agency’s ability to serve the senior community, we think it could be a game-changer for the entire senior care and caregiving sector,”said Jacqueline Copeland-Carson, Chief Operations Officer at Catholic Charities.

The goal of the strategic partnership is to identify how data intelligence can help Catholic Charities in three key areas:

1.  To better understand the needs of seniors who participate in the agency’s current programs.

2.  To identify the most optimal way to allocate services and resources to serve different groups of seniors based on factors such as their risks, conditions, and dependencies.

3.  To help connect and empower families and caregivers.

Felipe de la Fuente, Chief Executive Officer of SeniorGrowth founded the organization in 2015 with a mission to use the power of technology to better understand and improve aging. “Our partnership is crucial in demonstrating the first technology platform of its kind,” said De la Fuente. “We are excited to show enormous impact in understanding and improving the quality of life for seniors. We are honored to work with Catholic Charities of Santa Clara, an organization that has deep respect in the community for helping people in need.”

About SeniorGrowth

SeniorGrowth is a data-analytics technology company with a mission to improve the quality of life for all seniors. Founded in 2015, the company develops next generation products to empower care givers to evaluate, understand and provide the best possible care for their seniors using years of geriatric research and data intelligence. SeniorGrowth’s latest data-driven quality of life platform helps agencies and individual caregivers understand and provide better care services to their seniors. To learn more, please visit

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