May 19, 2017 |

5 Ways SeniorGrowth Makes Data Analytics Easy for Senior Care Nonprofits

It’s imperative that nonprofits use data analytics to better serve their client bases. Though it’s trite to say, we live in the Information Age—that means our economy is based on information computerization. With the available technology, you can use data to offer more effective programs and better serve your community of seniors. Data analytics also enable you to show that you’re making a difference with measurable impact. With tight budgets and overburdened staff, data analytics might even be more important to nonprofits than the for-profit sector—because they help you make the most of your time and efforts.

Now, we just mentioned tight budgets and taxed staff—so how can you expect to allocate resources to improve how you use data? Senior care nonprofits are often overwhelmed with running their organizations and serving their communities—which is why it makes sense to partner with an organization that can help you remove effort and stress from your operations. You can save time and ease the burden of implementing data analytics when you bring in experts to help you create a solution that makes things easier, not harder. SeniorGrowth is uniquely focused on helping senior care organizations make the most of their data while also improving processes that collect it. Here are five specific ways we can help.

Collect Better Data, Faster

Most organizations already collect data, but it needs to be collected regularly and put somewhere that makes it easy to use. Any organization with limited time, staff, and resources can end up feeling burdened by the administrative tasks for collecting and entering data. In senior care organizations, your most valuable data comes from assessments—and traditional assessments can take hours and require additional work to enter the data into a computerized system. Too often this extra work falls on caregivers.

With SeniorGrowth’s Smart Assessments platform you can conduct an assessment in 15 minutes with an easy-to-use questionnaire. The platform can be accessed on a smart phone or tablet, so the data is entered directly into the system during the assessment. Your caregivers can focus their time and energy on listening and building relationships. Also, our Smart Assessments require no medical or professional expertise—which means family members can take assessments, too.

In the end, you get better data more often—and it’s automatically entered into our platform that analyzes it and converts it into useful, actionable information.

Make Strategic Recommendations

With a wealth of data at your fingertips, you can make much better recommendations for your seniors. We measure and track six standardized Quality of Life scores (or social determinants of health) based on the data from our smart assessments to calculate a total Quality of Life score. By using our standardized metrics, you can track a senior’s trends over time and compare to their peers. If a senior is under performing compared to their peers, you can pinpoint which Quality of Life factor is most troublesome and use our recommendations to help focus your improvement efforts.

The platform also enables you to track risks for each senior, which makes it easy to identify needs and match seniors to programs that will help mitigate those risks. You can also track risk over time to measure impact and ensure your efforts are making a difference.

Improve Donor Outreach

Donors want to know their money is being used wisely. With reliable data analytics, you can provide fundraisers and potential donors with standardized metrics that show how your work is achieving your mission—and how their money is making a measurable impact. With information-based outreach, you can increase contributions per donor, improve donor retention, and make a prospect more likely to donate.

Imagine an outreach email that outlines an upward trend in Quality of Life measurements along with a narrative of the changes made and how they helped. You can also include evidence of a mitigated risk; for example, how you used data analytics to identify which seniors were at risk of falling, and then implemented targeted improvements to lower that risk. With SeniorGrowth’s reporting tools, you have attention-grabbing graphs and visuals at the ready to include in outreach emails. This type of information-based email campaign not only shows evidence of improvement, but also grows donor trust by showing you know what’s going on within your organization and are actively taking steps to improve.

Make the Most of Training

You want the right training for the right people, and to make the most of time and money spent on training. When you use Senior Growth’s platform, you can look at summary-level data to explicitly determine what type of training is needed. For example, if you have an upward trend in the number of seniors at your facility who have Alzheimer’s and can also show that your underperforming in the treatment of this disease—you can clearly identify what type of training you need and why. If you get training for your staff, you can then track the same data points to see if the training helped you to better meet the needs of your seniors with Alzheimer’s.

This type of data helps you feel confident in your training decisions and can be used to garner support for more training. As your staff becomes educated in the areas they truly need, they will feel more empowered and successful—and that will lead to better service, too.

At Senior Growth, we want nothing more than to join you in reaching for better Quality of Life and more independence for the seniors in your care. We are a technology provider dedicated specifically to using data to help senior care organizations like yours better achieve their mission. We invite you to try out our platform with a free 14-day trial, so you can see for yourself how it can help.

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At SeniorGrowth, we are dedicated to improving the Quality of Life for seniors through the power of data.  We build solutions to empower senior care organizations with data analytics and insights to prove their impact and make a difference for the seniors they serve.

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