September 15, 2016 |

4 Ways You Can Start Improving Your Client Engagement

Before we explore specific ways SeniorGrowth can improve your client engagement, let’s begin by taking a look at why client engagement matters.  You can expect two primary outcomes from engaged clients – both of which are critical to your company’s success:  client satisfaction and improved senior care.  When you and your clients work together as a team, they’re invested in your success (and vice-versa!)

Bringing your clients into your caregiving process – acquainting them with your methods, your expectations, and your responsibilities – is building a partnership, one that will yield benefits both for the seniors in your care and for your business.

How does it work?  Read on!

Encourage key people to review evaluation reports

It’s far too easy for a family member to think they have a handle on a senior’s quality of life, when in fact, it’s more difficult for someone involved in day-to-day care to step back and look at the big picture.  And anytime there’s a close family relationship, it’s easy to be distracted by an emotional attachment.  That’s why inviting clients to use SeniorGrowth’s evaluation reports is so vital.  These reports provide both an overview and detailed information about critical factors in a senior’s physical health, mental health, and safety.  If areas of concern are identified by a recent evaluation, then families and caregivers can develop strategies to manage those areas.  A snapshot look at a senior’s quality of life is an important measure that keeps key people focused on what matters most in senior care.

Provide progress updates

Once your engaged clients have a baseline – a basic understanding of where their senior stands in terms of quality of life – then it’s important to update them when a senior’s status or care changes.  One critical component of client satisfaction is the degree to which you manage expectations, and progress reports are the very best way to ensure your clients have reasonable expectations in terms of possible outcomes.  Whether you’re celebrating improvements or highlighting areas for concern, when your clients are kept in the loop, they’re far more likely to be satisfied with the care you’re providing.

Involve key people in active care management

Helping families feel like they’re informed about their senior’s care and progress is important, and the next step is to get them actively involved in planning for that care.  Using our brand new Life Planner tool (coming soon,) family members, along with seniors, themselves, will be able to participate in the care planning process.  Giving clients a voice in managing care not only improves perceptions about care, but it also makes a measurable impact on seniors’ quality of life.  This focus on quality of life is so critical to ensuring that health and safety concerns are balanced with respect to clients’ wishes.

Speak the same language

Busy caregivers not only have to manage senior care, but they also have to communicate effectively with families.  Having a shared understanding of a senior’s quality of life and progress in a number of critical areas makes that communication much more efficient.  When all concerned parties are reviewing evaluation reports, getting and giving progress reports, and engaging in care planning, then it’s easier to quickly and clearly discuss areas of concern.  Sharing information and goals means partners work together, rather than at cross purposes.  Clients who feel involved and up-to-date on their senior’s progress are far more likely to share input and feedback with caregivers.  Informed clients are involved clients.

When your clients are involved, they can be a caregiver’s biggest resource for information and support, but when clients feel like they’re on their own, they’re far more likely to make decisions based on faulty or incomplete information.

The best senior care situations are dynamic partnerships, founded on shared information, respect, and engagement.  Working together with your clients lets you provide the best senior care possible, and it ensures satisfied clients.  If your company’s goals are to improve seniors’ quality of life and to maintain a steady stream of clients, you can’t put too much emphasis on making sure your clients are engaged – pleased with your services and ready to recommend the good work you do.

We know you have your hands full, and that’s why SeniorGrowth is working hard to make it easier for your to manage patient care and keep clients focused on making measurable progress.  Our Follower and Life Planner tools help breathe new life into your senior care.

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