October 13, 2016 |

4 Ways Predictive Analytics can Help your Senior Care Business

Your business day is full of competing concerns.  You have seniors who rely on you.  You have staffing concerns.  You have marketing and client recruitment that occupies your time.  It’s likely that you have more to do than you have time to do it.  You might think an algorithm has no place in your daily work…but you’d be wrong!

Predictive analytics puts the power of big data and genius math abilities to work for your senior care business, and you don’t have to crunch a single number.  SeniorGrowth has designed tools that address a range of needs, all customized to reflect your seniors, your caregivers, and your company.  Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best.  Make the safe bet by using predictive analytics in these specific ways:

1. Provide better care

It’s your number one priority, and there’s no reason on earth why you wouldn’t take advantage of tools that help accomplish it better.  Senior care is never one-size-fits-all, and predictive analytics helps you provide higher level customized care based on each senior’s risk factors, current quality of life, and condition over time.  You’re never flying blind if you have insight into how you can improve your seniors’ outcomes.  Being able to identify specific steps you can take to prevent risks like hospitalization or injury from falls means your seniors will stay healthier longer and be able to age in place right in their own homes.  You’ll gain critical insight into what works and what doesn’t for each individual in your care, and you’ll be able to deliver consistently high quality responsiveness to your seniors’ needs.

2. Manage your seniors more effectively

The understanding that predictive analytics can provide will enable you to better match your caregivers with seniors.  Finding the right match for your staff means each employee is able to work to his or her strengths, which translates into better outcomes for your seniors.  In addition, you’ll learn how you can group seniors more effectively based on their conditions.  Whether that means distributing seniors with dementia among your caregivers so no one bears all of the burden, or that means putting all your dementia seniors under the care of your memory care expert, the information you gather from predictive analytics helps you make staffing decisions in the best interests of your seniors.  You won’t have to hope for the best outcomes.  You’re engineering the best outcomes with SeniorGrowth’s help.

3. Build a better reputation

What matters to prospective clients looking for senior care?  Reviews and referrals.  And what prompts clients to leave stellar reviews?  Stellar care!  Predictive analytics gives you the tools to exceed client expectations.  You’re able to monitor your seniors’ conditions, and you’re armed with tools that help you make decisions that will improve your clients’ quality of life.  When the worried family of a senior in decline sees how your capable caregivers are able to make adjustments that keep seniors aging at place, rather than in a nursing home, those families are your newest fans for life.  They write online reviews and they tell their friends that your company provides the best home health care.

4. Lower your costs

While your seniors’ health is your primary concern, you also bear the responsibility for running your business so it makes a profit.  As it turns out, improving your efficiency also improves your profitability.  And SeniorGrowth’s tools are designed to help your optimize positive outcomes, while minimizing unnecessary expenses.  It’s almost like having an accountant looking over your shoulder, constantly developing ways to continue delivering great care, while always cutting unnecessary costs.  All of SeniorGrowth’s tools are designed to improve seniors’ quality of life, keep them aging at home longer, and deliver care efficiently and effectively.

Perhaps, if you’ve just founded your business, you have everything under control.  You have the clients you need, and you’re managing your staffing and senior care.  But if you plan to grow your business, you’re going to need help.  Unless you plan to bring in a team of accountants, managers, and a sophisticated marketing team, you need a solution that’s both practical and affordable.  In short, you need SeniorGrowth.

How long would it take you to develop a sophisticated algorithm that helps you manage your seniors, your staff, and your expenses?  Forever probably wouldn’t be long enough.  But you don’t have to do it all by yourself.  SeniorGrowth has put its genius at your fingertips.  We take our collective knowledge and experience and put it to work for your company, delivering tools you’d never dreamed of.

Wondering how the SeniorGrowth predictive analytics tool could work for you?  Sign up today for free, and you can take the step toward better outcomes and a healthier bottom line.  Put the power of predictive analytics to work for your business and discover what you’ve been missing.

Healthy seniors, better management, glowing reviews, and lower costs…all can be yours with SeniorGrowth.  Sign up for free today!