August 30, 2016 |

4 Ways an Online Evaluation Tool Can Bring You More Customers

Though your primary concern will always be to provide the very best care for the seniors you’re fortunate enough to serve, that’s not the only task caregivers and business owners face.  While you may feel a calling to provide elder care, you also have an obligation to keep your business afloat.  And that means you need new customers.

Regardless of the size of your company, one of the most critical outreach tool is your website – the impression it makes, the information it conveys, and the degree to which it’s useful to concerned family members who often face difficult choices.  Your website performs many functions, and there’s one new tool that lets you achieve multiple goals all at once.

It’s an online evaluation tool, and SeniorGrowth has developed a particularly easy-to-use one that you can put to work for your business right away.  Wondering how an online evaluation tool can make a difference?  Read on!

1. It differentiates you from your competitors.

Choosing the right care for a family member is often a long process, which means your prospective clients are likely to have encountered – either virtually or in person – a number of other care providers.  You need to stand out from the crowd, and our online evaluation tool gives you a useful way to accomplish that goal.  After completing the evaluation, visitors to your website will receive a report that will help them make the important decisions they’re facing.  You instantly become a resource, rather than simply a company who wants to make some money.  The valuable information your prospects gain will be affiliated with you and your company.  And that’s a good thing.

2. You’ll generate leads.

Not only will you be collecting contact information from prospects who use the online evaluation tool on your website, but the leads you gain are hot ones!  You’ll have access to people who are actively searching for senior care and who will be making a decision in the near future.  You’re getting a list of people who need what you offer.  The opportunities for direct outreach from these leads give you a chance to outshine other care providers and to start a dialogue with prospects before they’ve actually made their decision.  If your website is a resource for those in the research stage, then those same website visitors will already know you and your company when it comes to the decision stage.  You’ll have viable leads and the opportunity to convert them into clients!

3. You’ll be given consideration.

Dealing with finding appropriate care for loved ones is a daunting, exhausting task in many cases.  Aging in place with home care?  Making the move to assisted living facilities?  How will Mom or Dad handle the changes?

With all the factors weighing on your prospects, having your company’s name front and center on the report from the online evaluation will be a lifeline.  As busy folks do research, balance work and home, and carry on with their daily lives, your company is positioned to be part of a solution.  Rather than muddying waters, your online evaluation tool can provide a clear, logical, solution.  When your prospects use the evaluation tool and receive a report with helpful information, your company shoots to the top of their list for consideration.

4. You’ll gain critical insight into your customers’ needs.

By far the biggest benefit of all is the detailed information you’ll get about your prospects’ needs.  Though all businesses benefit from learning to be more customer-centric, in no field is it as important as in caregiving.  By understanding the unique challenges a new senior may present, you’re far better equipped to address family members’ worries and to deliver clear and actionable solutions that will demonstrate your company’s ability to provide the very best care available.  In this instance an online evaluation tool provides knowledge that truly is power.  The more you know, the better you’re able to tailor your first in-person meetings and design more personalized care plans that take into account each senior’s complex needs.

Gaining insight into senior needs and concerns offers your business a game-changing advantage when it comes to developing relationships with new clients and providing the best care possible.  Whether your seniors are aging in place or searching for a new home to accommodate their evolving needs, SeniorGrowth’s online evaluation tool helps you convert these inquiries into paying clients.

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