September 13, 2016 |

3 Ways You Can Use an Online Evaluation Tool to Grow Your Business

Sales – much like senior care – used to be more intuitive.  Skilled, trained professionals made decisions based on their experiences and their predictions about expected outcomes.  While there will never be a substitute for professional experience and effective, comprehensive training, caregivers (and salespeople) have more powerful tools at their disposal than ever before.


Technology.  It’s simple when you boil it down.  Data collection and analysis is perhaps the single most powerful tool in any industry, and senior care – both the caregiving and the client recruitment aspects – is no exception.  You wouldn’t attempt to care for your elderly patients without using the best medical equipment.  Why would you market your business without the best, up-to-date tools?

Simply put, SeniorGrowth provides tools that not only equip you to manage your seniors’ care effectively and efficiently, but these tools also provide powerful ways to attract new clients.  How do you put SeniorGrowth to work bringing in new customers?  It’s pretty straightforward, when you get down to it.

SeniorGrowth’s online evaluation tool doesn’t just put you in the path of people shopping for senior care.  SeniorGrowth lets you shape their journey.  Here are three specific ways in which SeniorGrowth will help you grow your business:

Building Your Brand

The way in which we shop has changed.  We plan to do research, compare prices, and then narrow down our list of candidates.  But with the powerful SeniorGrowth online evaluation tool – customized with your business name and logo – you don’t simply put out information about your company and hope shoppers come back.  You actually take control of the research process by giving potential clients a wholly interactive tool.  Once they have clicked on your company-branded free evaluation and filled it out, you will have collected their information – information that you can use to customize their journey through the process of selecting the best senior care.  What does this have to do with your brand?  The journey becomes part of your brand.  It’s not just about prices and locations.  It’s about your clients’ needs and concerns.  It’s about the unique, personalized insight you use to create a custom senior care solution that meets all your client’s needs.  While you’re selling your brand, your clients are learning and becoming better educated, more integrated with your company.  They’re being pulled into a partnership with your company – a partnership that benefits everyone.

Generating Leads

It may seem obvious, but it’s absolutely critical that a healthy business maintain a supply of fresh leads.  The beauty of the online evaluation tool is that it captures people when they’re still in the research phase of exploring elder care.  They’re worried.  They want to know what factors they need to consider.  They want to know what their options are.  Your customized SeniorGrowth tool invites them to sit down, get comfortable, and soak up all the new knowledge you’re going to provide.  Your prospects benefit from finding a website that not only works as an educational tool, but is also handy when it’s time to make a senior care decision.  When you become a resource for your clients, you’re making it easy for them to select your company to provide necessary care.  A host of leads in various stages of the decision-making process means you’re assured of steady business.

Leveraging Cutting Edge Insights

Old-school sales was often a coercive process, a process that left clients feeling cornered and unsettled.  But the information you’ll gather from SeniorGrowth’s evaluation tool means you’re poised to captivate your clients – providing a journey that’s open, understandable, and comfortable.  By customizing your contact with prospects, you’re able to move them through your sales process in an innovative way, resulting in educated clients who are predisposed to positive interaction and satisfaction with your service.  Educated, satisfied clients lead to referrals, and referrals lead to more satisfied clients.  How you bring your customers through your sales process matters, both in the short and long terms.

The sheer volume of information you can gather from a single visitor to your website is staggering, and since your primary concern is giving quality care to seniors, you’re not in a position to collect, aggregate, analyze and use all of that data.  You don’t have to.  The tool SeniorGrowth has developed lets you function like a big data expert, but with none of the investment in tech development or analytics.

SeniorGrowth puts the best technology in your hands, in a way that makes sense both for you and your customers.  From generating leads to improving quality of life for seniors, SeniorGrowth is on your side.

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